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Peter Thompson


Mobile Data Centres

iPhones on Wheels Modern road vehicles are full of computers, and getting fuller. In fact, the factors driving the digitisation of vehicle systems are familiar for many other technology developments, namely safety, efficiency and power. A brief look at the second century of automotive brakes shows the digitisation of braking systems has been with us for nearly …

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Braking down to the wire

Ceci n’est pas une pipe In this post, we shall spend some time exploring the topic of brake by wire, and look at the various flavours of decoupled brake systems already in the market, as well as the prospects for Brake-by-Wire using electrical energy as the energy transmission system. We will also discuss the advantages …

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Holland’s Submarines

This St. Patricks’ Day, we will continue our series looking at some important Irish transport engineers throughout history. Previously we’ve examined the work of Henry Ferguson and James Drumm, but this year the focus will be on John Phillip Holland, one of the most influential figures in maritime innovation. Like all great historical romps, the story of John Holland …

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Drumm’s Electric Train

This St. Patrick’s Day, lets’ take a look back at a pioneering electric vehicle project, built around a breakthrough battery technology that allowed the nascent Irish government to open a whole new frontier of green transport. In preparing this entry, the support and contributions of The Irish Railways Records Society have been invaluable, and the …

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