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Regenerative Braking

Regenerative Brake System Development, luxury performance sector platform Creation, development and delivery of electromechanical brake system, including unique, patented brake control techniques, to deliver best-in-class regenerative braking performance together with pedal feel improvements over conventional brake system. Capitalised on previous strategic studies and research projects to define system performance attributes, functionality and hardware requirements. New …

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Foundation Brake

Carbon Ceramic Brake System Development for upper luxury sector platform. Brake system development as part of performance package upgrade for existing vehicle program, including upgrade of iron brake system cooling performance, as well as introduction of Carbon Ceramic brake option for vehicle. Creation of foundation brake concept creating largest production CSiC brakes in world (at …

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Steering development

Steering system development for low volume, upper luxury sector platform Development of complete steering system, from drivers hands to road wheels. Hydraulic powered steering system, with speed-sensitive variable assistance levels, variable ratio steering rack and flow optimised pump. System layout and definition to meet vehicle performance attributes. Hydraulic circuit package, integration of new pump to …

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Motorsport suspension development

Concept development and prototype design for novel suspension control hardware, with multiple functional applications, unique tuning methodology (patent pending) harnessing additive manufacturing techniques.

Suspension concept development

Suspension concept development, ultra luxury sector Design, development, prototype and integration of suspension concept for ultra luxury saloon vehicle, with unique system architecture for air suspension and novel 4WD powertrain, electro hydraulic steering system. Vehicle commissioning, performance testing and refinement. Vehicle preparation for presentation events to VIP customers, selected international press.

Mechatronic systems development

Advanced steering systems development, premium sector platform Technology benchmarking, system concept development and specification, procurement evaluations, prototype performance assurance, vehicle integration, safety concept. Adaption of concept for multiple platform uses. Vehicle Lateral Dynamics control development, premium and upper luxury sectors Research project with international consortium into active steering and all wheel steering systems, leading to …

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Brake Actuation

Brake Actuation System Development, luxury sector platform Complete development cycle, from blank sheet of paper through to SOP-plus90 sign off. Performance DNA-based approach to create brake layout and system definition, based on projected vehicle attributes, with full lifecycle upgrades planned from launch. System definition used to create component specifications, interfaces, development and unit cost targets, …

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Autonomous Driving

Platform functional development, upper luxury sector Safety concept functional layout, hardware, software and architectural requirements definition, fail-safe strategy definition including driver communications, safety and integrity requirements for system, boundary and interface requirements, steering and braking system redundancy system specifications Functional Safety concept and policy development ISO 262626 as starting point, developed corporate strategy for OEM, …

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Innovation and Patent Management

Created and developed innovation culture for local teams, focus on metrics for innovation within work packages and responsibility splits as well as project content and collaborative opportunities with industry partners and academic institutions. Output metrics in terms of internally published corporate standards and technical documentation, externally published scientific papers and patents, as well as successful …

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