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We are providers of design and development solutions for brake systems. We are passionate about applying technology to improve our lives.

We want people to be enabled by technology. We believe that robust safety critical systems can form the bedrock for customer experiences.


Proficiency, innovation and dedication leveraged to maximum effect.


State of the art ideas, proven leadership methods and sharp focus leading to exceptional results


Resource, risk and opportunity management, project oversight, supplier improvement, component and system validation

Regenerative Braking

Solutions that deliver robust functionality, exceptional pedal feel, new user paradigms and of course significant energy recovery

Project Management

A varied range of services for your needs including concept design, development, testing and maturation, implementation and project management.

Driver Assistance

Powerfully crafted systems, with robust, integrated functional safety concepts and proven technical approach. From component specification to system validation

Road to better

We work with you for every part of your journey, from the early concept stages of planning to launch of the product, and aftermarket support. We believe that successful projects are the result of effective relationships.

When it comes to braking, better means safer, more efficient, more involving and pleasing vehicles.

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